The Disappearance of Tommy Hill

Sherry is on duty when young Jane is brought in through the emergency room. She is weak, frail, and convulsing. Once Jane is stabilized and feeling better Sherry is immediately drawn to her. Jane has amnesia and Sherry wants to help her. She begins investigating and visiting Jane in the hospital. Then the unexpected happens and Jane speaks to her in a mans voice, introducing herself as Tommy Hill. Sherry is shocked and now she must find out who Tommy Hill is. She discovers that Tommy Hill disappeared over twenty years ago and has not been seen since. Sherry discovers that her husband is somehow connected to the disappearance and must risk her picture perfect life to save Jane. Through a whirlwind of unexpected events and many twist and turns Sherry and Jane are taken places that only your worst nightmares could imagine. A true edge of your seat thriller that brings us to the realization that not everyone is who we think they are. A page turner that will send chills up your spine.


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