Cynthia witnesses the disappearance of her father on a trip to the beach. She quickly discovers that not only has he disappeared but the knowledge of his very existence has also disappeared. She learns that Lucifer is trying to frighten her into giving him what he needs through two Man like birds that are sent to protect her. 

Through clues and misguided fortunes she finds her way to a small town in Arkansas where she meets a coven of witches and a clan of vampires that are also in a battle against Lucifer.

She discovers that she is the chosen one and her blood is needed for strength in a war against Lucifer and his army. She learns that she is the true prodigy of strength and was given to the humans at birth for protection. 

Through many heartbreaks and tears she must find a way to persevere and bring the Vampires and the Witches together despite their troubled history.

Cynthia encounters magic mirrors, painting that breathe life, cherubs that cry for help and books that have their own heartbeats. She befriends many different characters along the way. Each with their own story to tell. Cynthia is forced to make a gut wrenching decision.  She must decide to betray mankind and side with evil or risk losing everyone she loves and battle to the end. 

She struggles with her own demons. She has to watch the leader of the coven rule with an iron fist and treat the witches as slaves. She must choose between doing the right thing for the wrong reason and doing the wrong thing for the right reason. She learns that sacrifices have to be made and that she has to live with them. She discovers the meaning of true love and that it has no regrets. 

Cynthia realizes very early on that everyone is not as they seem. 

 Who doesn’t love a novel about witches, vampires, demons and angels? I have sent it off to the editor and hope to have it back soon. Follow me on facebook or like my page for future updates.


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