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A heartwarming tale of a young boy that refuses to give up on his dream.

This is an inspiring story for students and adults of all ages.

It teaches us to accept our defeats and then realize that triumph is still just around the corner.

The story is set in a post apocalyptic time. The world has suffered all energy loss and now people are forced to find other means of communication and travel. The poultry industry is the only thing left flourishing. The birds have been fed steroids and have now reached sizes of epic proportions.

The people have learned to use them as a means to both travel and plow their fields.

Billy is a young boy that works on the Pokey Doke Poultry farm that is owned by Mr. Thompson. Mr. Thompson has suffered his own losses and has grown to both love and appreciate the miniature size boys help. Billy is small in stature but has a heart the size of a giant. He refuses to accept that bigger is better and is determined to prove this. Through tragedies, losses, triumphs, mishaps, tears, and laughter the journey ensues.

This is a feel good story that is inspiring for all ages. It will teach us about respecting our elders, dealing with hardships, bullying, and most importantly believing in your dreams.

We must ask ourselves if we are all nothing more than a blank shell that is re-incarnated over and over. We are forever waiting for another soul to make us real again?

Do they wipe our drive blank and then add a new one as needed, much like a computer?

Where is Hell? Not where you think it is!

Is the old saying, “Hot as Hell!” An oxymoron? I think so, “Its cold as Hell!.”

Who ever told you that time can’t stand still, is wrong!

Along the journey you will meet some interesting characters. Maxie is eager to help and born the son of a fortune telling witch she holds many secrets of her own. She can literally lure a man into the woods and then nail his manhood to a tree, if he deserved it.

Marcia is an elder witch that quit aging early on, she holds some magic of her own.

Vlad holds a key to the mystery with the ear kept in a box that seems to possess its own heart beat. Can it still hear?

This book is sure to draw you in and keep you there. It might even keep you awake many nights wondering what is lurking outside your window.

The Vampires lurk nearby and hold an ancient grudge against the witches. Can they put their differences aside long enough to save their own people?

Enchanting, extraordinary and a little magical!

A captivating fantasy tale of mystery and intrigue!

Sherry is on duty when young Jane is brought in through the emergency room. She is weak, frail, and convulsing. Once Jane is stabilized and feeling better Sherry is immediately drawn to her. Jane has amnesia and Sherry wants to help her. She begins investigating and visiting Jane in the hospital. Then the unexpected happens and Jane speaks to her in a mans voice, introducing herself as Tommy Hill. Sherry is shocked and now she must find out who Tommy Hill is. She discovers that Tommy Hill disappeared over twenty years ago and has not been seen since. Sherry discovers that her husband is somehow connected to the disappearance and must risk her picture perfect life to save Jane. Through a whirlwind of unexpected events and many twist and turns Sherry and Jane are taken places that only your worst nightmares could imagine. A true edge of your seat thriller that brings us to the realization that not everyone is who we think they are. A page turner that will send chills up your spine.