My Journey

My vision drowned as the water cascaded through my eyes.

Never could my heart fill with a reality of the wise.

My thoughts were consumed with the breaking of my heart.

Through my whimpering I could not hear that tomorrows story is a new start.

The flash of new beginnings bolted through my mind.

Yet the pain in my heart consumed me with an anger that wasn’t kind.

Sinking slowly into a pit of dissolution and despair.

The realization catapulted me into a world full of love and care.

My self pity and woe were relentless as I began to fight.

I decided to persevere, for I would stand tall once more on this star filled night.

The stars began to twinkle and glisten becoming the gems that I deserved.

For the new beginning of life that I have once more earned.

Written by,

A. A. Smith

Mother Nature

We bury our heads and hide as our hearts are filled with fear.

The water is angry and fast as it rushes near.

I ask what did I do to deserve this torment and despair as she ravishes my home and those that are near.

The liquid is cold as it prepares me for the battle I can never win.

Numbness takes hold as the droplets dance like diamonds on my skin.

Mother Nature will show no mercy as I sink into a darkness filled with terror and regret.

She pulls me from the abyss and shakes her head telling me not to fret.

She reminds me of things that I have yet to see.

Then sets me free for another life that is yet to be.

Written by A.A. Smith